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Admission and entry conditions

  • I want to go to university in another country and the authorities are requiring me to take a language test to do so. Can they do that?

    YES - The relevant authorities are entitled to ask you to take a language test. However, such rules should be applied in a proportionate manner and exceptions should be possible, in order to take account of individual circumstances - for example, if you have lived or worked in a country using that language.

  • I have a degree from Holland and would like to continue my studies in Spain. However, the university there is refusing to recognise my Dutch qualification as equivalent to the Spanish one normally required for admission to the course I want to follow. Can you help?

    POSSIBLY - Recognition of academic qualifications is the exclusive responsibility of national governments. The European Commission can only intervene if:

    • a refusal to recognise a qualification constitutes discrimination on grounds of nationality
    • disproportionately long or costly procedures can be interpreted as restricting your freedom of movement.

    The ENIC-NARIC centre in the host country (a Europe-wide academic recognition network) may be able to help by contacting its counterpart in your country.

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