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Updated 23/01/2017

Sweden - Intellectual property rights

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Requirements for the patent to be validated in Sweden:

Within three months of EPO publishing its decision to grant a patent, the following must have been submitted to the Swedish Patent Registration Office (PRV):

  • The patent claims in Swedish (In Sweden, the translated claims serve as information only. The text in the language of proceedings at the EPO alone defines the scope of the patent protection.)
  • If the patent was granted in French or German the description in Swedish
  • The title in Swedish
  • The patent application's number
  • The applicant's name and address
  • The fee for publication of the patent claims

Once the patent has been published in Sweden, it is valid in the same way as were it a granted Swedish patent. This e.g. means that you must pay annual fees to PRV in order to renew your patent.

You will find more information at The Swedish Patent Registration Office (PRV)

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