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Access to finance

Updated 11/2013

Access to EU finance

This site will help you to apply for finance supported by the European Union. To access EU finance, click on your country to locate banks or venture capital funds that provide finance supported by the EU:

Access to EU finance

National sources of finance

Public finance

Indirect support

The Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency promotes direct foreign investments. The Agency also strives to supply information on why to invest and on facilities available to foreign investors, and validates investment offers.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism is in the process of conducting discussions for the creation of a Guaranteeing Association, to provide guarantees enabling financial institutions to finance small enterprises which do not have the guarantees required for lending purposes.

Direct support

The Research Promotion Foundation sponsors major research, technology and innovation projects. It will soon be possible to submit online applications for funding to the Foundation.

The Foreign Investors Service Centre - a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Network of the Foreign Investment Agency (IPAS) - has published a guide for foreign investors wishing to do business in Cyprus. The guide can be downloaded online.

Access to EU funding

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has worked out the Assistance Schemes for Young and Female Entrepreneurs.        

The Schemes are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus for the period between 2007 to 2013. They are designed to develop, support and promote entrepreneurship among young people (aged between 20 and 39) and women (aged between 18 and 55).

Financial support to young people joining the Schemes amount to 50% on the cost of eligible investment costs (equipment, landscaping, training, promotion, capital).

The Ministry has also launched the Funding Plan for the Enhancement of the Competitiveness of SMEs operating in the Manufacturing Sector.        

The Scheme aims to support, develop and promote existing or new enterprises in the manufacturing sector which are or will be based in Cyprus.

The Scheme provides financial support to new or existing SMEs in the manufacturing sector willing to invest in fixed assets or transfer of expertise.

Business support organisations can advise businesses on how to find financing.

Help & advice

Help & advice

Enterprise Europe Network - Contact points

The Enterprise Europe Network provides businesses with information and advice through its local contact points. 

Choose your nearest contact point for personalized help and advice: