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Welcome to the EU Whoiswho

Who can you contact on the corporate board of the External Action Service? Who looks after information and communication for the European Data Protection Supervisor? Are you looking for a certain name?

Start looking here with the EU Whoiswho — an electronic directory of managers and services in the EU institutions, bodies and agencies. Find what you want in any of the EU's official languages.

You can consult the EU Whoiswho in three ways:

The EU Whoiswho has recently been improved to help you find who and what you want more easily. For example, the new search tool suggests matches for mistyped words. Results immediately display information with clickable website and email addresses. You can also find maps giving information on the location of a building.

In addition to the online EU Whoiswho, you can download an e-book version or order a paper copy.

Each year, paper copies of the official directory of the European Union are printed in German, English and French

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Last update: 02-02-2015