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Organisational entity: Any service, group, unit, directorate, etc. which is part of an institution.

Each entity can be identified exactly by its name, which describes level by level its position within the institution.

Example: European Parliament; MEPs (Members of the European Parliament); Committees; Committee on Legal Affairs is the complete name,
"European Parliament" is the institution,
"Committee on Legal Affairs" is the name of the specific entity.

You can search for any entity as follows:

Institution: all the institutions are included. You can restrict the search by choosing a specific institution from the list provided.

Name of the entity: type one or more of the words in the name of the entity or service you are looking for.

entering 'Publications Office' in the field 'Organisational entities' gives the result 'European Commission; Publications Office'.

The system checks whether the entity name contains the character string you have entered. For example, if you enter the word 'publication' the system will display several results, including:

“European Central Bank; Directorate - Communications; Official Publications and Library”
“European Commission; Publications Office”

Maximum number of replies to display: entering vague criteria can lead to a very high number of replies and very slow response and processing times. You can therefore choose a maximum number of results to display if you wish.

Search: click this button to launch the search and receive a list of entities matching the given criteria. You can then select one entity and view more detailed information about it.
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Last update: 30-01-2015