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Hierarchic view

Institution Council of the European Union Representatives of the governments of the Member States who regularly take part in Council meetings Sweden



  • EK Lena
    Minister for the Environment
  • LOOF Anne
    Minister for Enterprise and Regional Affairs
  • ARNHOLM Maria
    Minister for Gender Equality and Deputy Minister for Education
  • STYMNE Joakim
    State Secretary (responsible for culture, media and sport)
  • OSTBERG Bertil
    State Secretary responsible for primary and secondary education, Ministry of Education
  • HONETH Peter
    State Secretary responsible for higher education and research, Ministry of Education
  • EKENGREN Håkan
    State Secretary (responsible for business development, competitiveness development and innovation)
  • LJUNG Marita
    State Secretary (responsible for entrepreneurship and regional growth)
  • JOHANSSON Daniel
    State Secretary (responsible for the information society, energy policy and environmental technology)
  • BENDROT Ingela
    State Secretary (responsible for transport and infrastructure)
    State Secretary responsible for budgetary issues, Ministry of Finance
  • ACKUM Susanne
    State Secretary responsible for economic policy and international issues
  • THEDEEN Erik
    State Secretary to the Minister for Financial Markets
  • OOM Gunnar
    State Secretary to the Minister for Trade
  • PERBO Ulf
    State Secretary to the Minister for Public Administration and Housing

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