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Foreign, security and defence policy

Rue Montoyer 12/Montoyerstraat 12
1000 Bruxelles/Brussel
Tel: +32 27000640*
Fax: +32 27000641*

  • BARTA Antoaneta
    Eastern Europe and central Asia (COEST): Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus; European neighbourhood policy - eastern dimension, northern dimension, Arctic cooperation
  • BOURCEANU Adrian
    Civil Dimension of Crisis Management (Civcom), Instrument for Stability
  • GHIERGA Ramona
    External action instruments, Union for the Mediterranean, Africa (COAFR), development cooperation (CODEV), humanitarian and food aid (Cohafa)
  • GHITOIU Radu
    Human rights focal point, minorities, external action instruments
  • HARBIC Mihail
    Eastern Europe and central Asia (COEST): Russian Federation, south Caucasus, central Asia, Eastern Partnership, Black Sea Synergy
  • IANCU Mihai
    European Defence Agency (EDA), European Union Satellite Centre (SATCEN), EU–NATO Capability Group
  • MANOLACHE Raluca
    Politico-Military Group (PMG), EU–NATO Capability Group, European Security and Defence College, Athena Special Committee, Committees of Contributors (CSDP operations)
  • PAPUC Alina
    Latin America (AMLAT), VISA, consular cooperation (COCON), UN (CONUN), international law (COJUR), law of the sea (COMAR)

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Last update: 28-01-2015