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Bliain Eorpach na hOidhreachta Cultúrtha 2018

Déanfaimid ceiliúradh, i gcaitheamh na bliana 2018, ar éagsúlacht na hoidhreachta cultúrtha san Eoraip – ar bhonn Eorpach, náisiúnta, réigiúnach agus áitiúil. Is é is cuspóir do Bhliain Eorpach na hOidhreachta Cultúrtha níos mó daoine a spreagadh le heolas a chur ar oidhreacht chultúrtha na hEorpa agus cur leis an mbraistint atá ag daoine go mbaineann siad le spás coiteann Eorpach. Is é mana na bliana seo: Ár n-oidhreacht: an t-am atá caite maille leis an am atá le teacht.

Generation €uro Students’ Award

What do you know about the euro? Test your knowledge for a chance to win prizes and meet the ECB President in Frankfurt!


60 years of peace, democracy and solidarity

On 25 March 1957, six countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) signed the Treaty of Rome, creating the European Economic Community – the forerunner of the European Union. This year marks 60 years since this treaty was signed.

As a teacher, you might like to use this occasion to prepare a special lesson on the history of the European Union and on some of the opportunities the EU provides for young people. To this end, we present below some material that you might like to use in your lesson.

For students aged 9 to 12 years:

For students aged 12 years and older:

For students aged 15 years and older:

You may also find the following material useful:

This information may lay the grounds for a discussion on the current situation and the future of the EU. Have the hopes and dreams of the founding fathers come true? What are your students’ dreams for Europe in the next decade?