STATEMENT/14/131  16-04-2014 - Commissioner Malmström welcomes the Parliament's vote on new rules for Frontex-coordinated sea border operations 
European Commission - European Commission Statement Brussels, 16 April 2014 "Today's vote is an important step towards enhancing the effects of sea border surveillance operations and to improve coordination in search and rescue situations that may arise during such operations.
STATEMENT/14/120  15-04-2014 - Commissioner Malmström welcomes the European Parliament vote on intra-corporate temporary transferees 
European Commission - European Commission Statement Brussels, 15 April 2014 "I am very pleased with today's adoption of clear EU-wide rules allowing for multinational companies to temporarily send specialised key non-EU staff to their subsidiaries within the different EU Member States.
IP/14/417  10-04-2014 - Environment: Experts meet to discuss how to better fight wildlife trafficking in the EU and globally 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 10 April 2014 Following an invitation by the European Commission, 170 experts met today in Brussels to discuss how the EU can better fight wildlife trafficking. The conference marked the end of a public consultation which was launched on 7 February with a Communication by...
MEMO/14/269  08-04-2014 - Frequently Asked Questions: The Data Retention Directive 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Brussels, 8 April 2014 Data concerning telecommunications traffic through telephone networks and through the internet is, to some extent, retained (stored) by telecommunication service providers for their own commercial purposes (e.g., for billing purposes).
STATEMENT/14/113  08-04-2014 - Data retention directive: Commissioner Malmström's statement on today's Court judgment 
European Commission - European Commission Statement Brussels, 8 April 2014 "The judgment of the Court brings clarity and confirms the critical conclusions in terms of proportionality of the Commission's evaluation report of 2011 on the implementation of the data retention directive. The European Commission will now carefully asses the verdict and its impacts.
IP/14/372  03-04-2014 - A clear legal regime for family members of non EU citizens 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 3 April 2014 Migrants' right to family reunification is recognised throughout the EU. Common rules are in place on the conditions under which family members of a non-EU citizen, legally resident in a Member State, are allowed to enter and reside in the EU.
STATEMENT/14/101  03-04-2014 - Commissioner Malmström on visa-free travel for Moldova 
European Commission - European Commission Statement Brussels, 3 April 2014 Following the European Commission's proposal, today the European Parliament and the Council have taken the final formal step to transfer Moldova to the list of third countries whose nationals are exempt from visa requirement.
IP/14/347  01-04-2014 - More flexible visa rules to boost growth and job creation 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 1 April 2014 Many non-EU nationals wishing to travel to the EU are often faced with cumbersome, lengthy and costly visa procedures. The proposals presented today will seriously shorten and simplify the procedures for those wanting to come to the EU for short stays, and...
MEMO/14/247  01-04-2014 - Frequently Asked Questions: A smarter EU visa policy for growth 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Brussels, 1 April 2014 The EU has set up a common visa policy for short stays, i.e. stays up to 90 days in any 180-day period, which is applied through the issuing of 'Schengen visas'. In 2012, the present 26 Schengen States1 issued around 14.2 million Schengen...
SPEECH/14/266  01-04-2014 - Speech - New EU visa rules: fostering economic growth and jobs through enhanced mobility 
European Commission - European Commission [Check Against Delivery] Cecilia Malmström EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Speech - Press Conference Brussels, 1 April 2014 First of all let me thank Vice-President Antonio Tajani for his excellent cooperation which has allowed us to design, present and adopt this package of new measures that will seriously...