P/85/10  01-01-1985 - COMBATING AIR POLLUTION 
European Commission -   A summary paper on air pollution and the latest developments concerning unleaded petrol and motor vehicle exhausts has been forwarded officially to the Commission. The latter has issued guidelines for future negotiations so that, in accordance with the European Council's request, decisions can be reached at the Environment Council...
IP/99/718  01-10-1999 - European research area opens up to researchers from 11 new countries 
European Commission - Brussels, 1st October 1999 The 11 countries in line to join the European Union (EU) early in the next millennium have signed "association" agreements giving them full access to the Fifth (1999-2002) Framework Programme of European Community (EC) research activities before accession.
IP/99/754  14-10-1999 - Inquiry into the transport of a reference material containing Plutonium demanded by Commissioner Busquin 
European Commission - Brussels, 14 October 1999 A thorough inquiry will be carried out in order to reconstruct the events leading to the inadvertent transport of a reference material containing 0.91g Plutonium in solution from the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) in Geel via the Euratom Safeguards Directorate...
IP/99/832  10-11-1999 - Follow-up to inadvertent plutonium shipment from Belgium to the United Kingdom 
European Commission - Brussels, 10 November 1999 On the 8th of October the European Commission (EC) had already informed the public about the above incident and ordered an enquiry into its causes. In line with international requirements the Belgian Authorities in agreement with IRMM (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements) at Geel, Belgium,...
IP/99/870  23-11-1999 - Report on participation and role of women in science published 
European Commission - Brussels, 23 November 1999 The initiative on women and science was launched in July 1997 as part of the preparation of the Fifth Framework Programme for Research. Its main objectives are to encourage a debate on the subject and to achieve a greater participation of women in research.
IP/99/994  16-12-1999 - A world first: the sequencing of two plant chromosomes 
European Commission - Brussels, 16 December 1999 Surprisingly, plants have many genes in common with humans and this is one of the reasons why research on the genome of plants can be beneficial for human medicine. Therefore, the sequencing of the small annual weed Arabidopsis's genome can be called a major milestone.
IP/99/988  16-12-1999 - Largest-ever environmental research project in Mediterranean basin concluded 
European Commission - Brussels, 16 December 1999 The Mediterranean basin is not only the home of several hundred millions of people in 22 states and the holiday destination of nearly 160 million tourists per year but also a very good indicator for the global climate.
IP/99/1021  22-12-1999 - Commission disburses 25 million of macro-financial assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina 
European Commission - Brussels, 22 December 1999 Commission disburses €25Commission disburses 25 The European Commission has disbursed a first portion of €25 million of European Union macro-financial assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The support forms part of the decision adopted by the Council in May 1999(1) which provides for macro-financial assistance of up...
IP/00/52  18-01-2000 - Strategy for a real research policy in Europe 
European Commission - Brussels, 18 January 2000 Today, the European Commission adopted a document paving the way towards a European research area. This means the creation of a frontier-free area for research where scientific resources are used more to create jobs and increase Europe's competitiveness.
IP/00/71  21-01-2000 - EU probes thinning of ozone layer over Europe and Arctic 
European Commission - Brussels, 21 January 2000 Philippe Busquin, European Union (EU) Research Commissioner will today launch a scientific campaign in Kiruna (north polar circle in Sweden) in order to ascertain the extent of the problem. He declared today that "the European Union has pooled resources with the United States, Japan, Russia, Norway,...