IP/14/367  03-04-2014 - High-level Group at work on future financing of the EU 
European Commission - Level Group on Own Resources Press release Brussels, 3 April 2014 High The high level group on own resources holds its first meeting in Brussels today under the chairmanship of Mario Monti, former Italian Prime Minister and European Commissioner.
IP/14/209  04-03-2014 - Final "simplification scoreboard": 120 measures to cut red tape on EU funding 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 4 March 2014 The Commission has adopted its Final Simplification Scoreboard: over 120 measures to simplify the EU funding rules for Europe's businesses, towns, regions, scientists and NGOs.
STATEMENT/14/47  04-03-2014 - "Commission improves financial management of EU Budget". Commissioner Lewandowski welcomes Court of Auditors' report 
European Commission - European Commission Statement Brussels, 4 March 2014 "I welcome today's European Court of Auditors report which shows that the European Commission implements the Court's recommendations and keeps improving the financial management of the EU budget.
MEMO/14/130  25-02-2014 - Q&A: The EU's high-level group on own resources 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Strasbourg, 25 February 2014 The high-level group on own resources has been formally established today by the Presidents of the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.
IP/13/1163  26-11-2013 - EU's Financial Report 2012: EU budget increasingly an investment tool in the EU 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 26 November 2013 The 2012 Financial Report published today by the European Commission shows that 94% of the total EUR 135.6 billion of the EU 2012 budget was dedicated to beneficiaries across Europe such as researchers, students, small and medium enterprises, towns and regions and...
MEMO/13/1023  20-11-2013 - EU Budget 2014: Statement by Commissioner Lewandowski 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Brussels, 20 November 2013 "Today the European Parliament has adopted the 2014 budget for the European Union. This is the first budget of the new financial period (2014-2020), a budget and a seven year financial framework born in times of crisis.
IP/13/1096  19-11-2013 - One trillion euro to invest in Europe's future – the EU's budget framework 2014-2020 
European Commission - European Commission Press release Brussels, 19 November 2013 Today the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU's Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the years 2014 to 2020. The consent of the EP clears the way for the final approval by the Council in the coming weeks.
MEMO/13/978  12-11-2013 - Agreement on EU budget 2014 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Brussels, 12 November 2013 Statement from Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski: 'After over 16 hours of negotiations we have reached an agreement on the EU budget for 2014. I am pleased that the deal reached between the European Parliament and the Council provides much needed investment opportunities  to...
MEMO/13/933  24-10-2013 - European Commission welcomes European Parliament's approval of a cash injection of €2.7bn into EU budget 
European Commission - MEMO Brussels, 24 October 2013 European Commission EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski welcomes today's vote by the European Parliament on draft amending budget 6 (€2.7 billion to compensate for lower than expected customs duties as a source of revenue to the EU budget).
MEMO/13/931  23-10-2013 - Statement by Commissioner Janusz LEWANDOWSKI on the EP's vote on next year's 2014 budget 
European Commission - European Commission MEMO Brussels, 23 October 2013 "Today's vote on the European Parliament's position on Europe's budget for 2014 opens the start of the conciliation period between the Parliament and the Council. I welcome the Parliament's vote that supports the Commission's estimates of needs for next year.