AGENDA/16/4248  02-12-2016 - Thursday 8 December: The Commission publishes fourth Recommendation on urgent measures to be taken by Greece in view of the resumption of transfers under the Dublin Regulation 
European Commission - European Commission - Upcoming events The news: The European Commission is presenting its fourth Recommendation on the specific measures that Greece needs to take to have a well-functioning asylum system and fully implement the EU asylum standards that apply to all member States.
AGENDA/16/4246  02-12-2016 - 8 December: The Commission presents an Action Plan on the security of travel documents 
European Commission - European Commission - Upcoming events The news: The Commission will present an Action Plan to enhance the overall security of travel documents to combat the increasingly significant phenomenon of travel document fraud. The growing trend in this type of fraud has been highlighted by the recent terrorist attacks in Europe.
AGENDA/16/4244  02-12-2016 - Monday 5 - Friday 9 December: First European Vocational Education and Training Skills Week 
European Commission - European Commission - Upcoming events The news: From 5 to 9 December, the 'Vocational Education and Training' (VET) Skills Week will take place in Brussels and all over Europe, under the motto 'Discover Your Talent'. It will be a week full of EU-level events taking place in Brussels, and over...
CLDR/16/4327  09-12-2016 - CALENDRIER du 12 décembre au 18 décembre 2016 
European Commission - European Commission - Commissioners' weekly activities Brussels, 9 December 2016 (Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine) Déplacements et visites   Lundi 12 décembre President Jean-Claude Juncker receives Mr Joseph Daul, President of the European People's Party (EPP); and Mr Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European...
IP/16/4347  09-12-2016 - Outcome of the trilateral gas talks between the European Commission, Russia and Ukraine 
European Commission - European Commission - Press release Brussels, 9 December 2016 Today, the European Commission hosted a trilateral meeting with Russia and Ukraine on gas deliveries and gas transit. The talks, which were chaired by Vice-President in charge of the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič, were attended by Russia's and Ukraine's Ministers for Energy,...
IP/16/4306  09-12-2016 - EU steps up its support for Benin with EUR 184 million 
European Commission - European Commission - Press release Brussels, 9 December 2016 Mr Neven Mimica, Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, today signed a new package of financial support worth EUR 184 million in the presence of the President of Benin, Mr Patrice Talon.
MEX/16/4341  09-12-2016 - Daily News 09 / 12 / 2016 
European Commission - European Commission - Daily News Daily News 09 / 12 / 2016 Brussels, 9 December 2016 President Juncker delivers speech on the 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty Today European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gave a speech to students at the University of Maastricht on the occasion of the 25 year anniversary...
SPEECH/16/4343  09-12-2016 - Speech by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the 25th Anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty: "EU and Me" 
European Commission - European Commission - Speech - [Check Against Delivery] Speech Speech Maastricht, 9 December 2016 Mijnheer de Gouverneur, President Van Rompuy, former colleagues, colleagues now, Dames en Heren, I am quite moved to be back here in Maastricht for the 25th anniversary of what we are looking at now as a...
STAT/16/4331  09-12-2016 - Personal transfers in the EU- Amounts sent abroad by EU residents up at €31.3 billion in 2015- Amounts received from abroad at €11.0 bn 
Eurostat Commission - European Commission - EUROSTAT Brussels, 9 December 2016 In 2015, flows of money sent by residents of the European Union (EU) to a non-EU country, referred to as personal transfers, amounted to €31.3 billion, compared with €29.9 bn in 2014.
AGENDA/16/4251  02-12-2016 - Thursday 8 December 2016: EU Internet Forum 
European Commission - European Commission - Upcoming events The news: On 8 December 2016, the Commission will host the second EU Internet Forum bringing together the Commission – with the participation of Commissioners Dimitris Avramopoulos and Julian King - Member States, EUROPOL, the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) and Internet companies.