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Registration on RAPID

Why register on RAPID?

RAPID provides advanced features for registered users.

  1. Create and re-use custom searches.
  2. Create scheduled email notifications based on customised search criteria.
  3. Sort languages to quickly access press releases in your preferred languages.

How to Register on RAPID

Registration for RAPID is done via the secured system ECAS (*) : Click here to register

* ECAS is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission information systems, using a single username and password.

How to unsubscribe from RAPID

To unsubscribe from RAPID, click on "unregister".

Upon confirmation, your account and profile will be deleted from RAPID, including personalised searches and email notifications.

NB : note that unsubscribing from RAPID does not automatically supress your ECAS account. To delete your ECAS account, please login here into ECAS.


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