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Berlin, 3 March 2014

Ukraine: remarks by President Barroso

Today, President Barroso made the following remarks on the situation in Ukraine in the margin of the event "A Soul for Europe" in Berlin:

"We have already expressed our very serious concerns about the situation. The situation has not improved. We are, of course, working with all our Member States to have a common, a firm response to those developments. Today, there will be a Foreign Affairs Council and, very soon, the Heads of States and Government of the European Union will also meet to have a common response. Many contacts have been taking place with the Ukrainian authorities and, also, with the Russian authorities, because we believe it is very important to show our commitment to the sovereignty of Ukraine.

At the same time we are now preparing a package of support to Ukraine. We are working with the IMF, and myself and the European Commission are preparing some options for supporting Ukraine. As we said, we keep our willingness to offer Ukraine the political association and economic integration through the association agreement, and also the free trade agreement. But there are some difficulties in that country to which we have to respond through emergency measures. So this is the point. To work in the economic field, as a matter of urgency, trying to articulate with our partners internationally to support that country but also politically to do everything that we can, to avoid the escalation, to avoid the lack of respect for the sovereignty of Ukraine. And I believe this is shared by all European countries, we will see this today when they meet at Foreign Affairs Ministerial level."

Watch the video of the statement.

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