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Commission européenne - Discours - [Seul le texte prononcé fait foi]

Press statement by President Jean-Claude Juncker with António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, following their meeting at the UN

New York, le 23 septembre 2018

I am very happy to be here today with my good friend António Guterres. I have known him for so many decades: we have been appointed at the very same moment Prime Ministers of our respective countries and since then we are working in a good atmosphere. I cannot remember one example where we would have disagreed in a profound way.

António Guterres now is the Secretary-General of the United Nations. We came here to express admiration for him because he is doing an excellent job.

We are also here to say that the multilateral approach is not dead, it has to be maintained – it is the only chance we have to shape the future of the globe in a way which is acceptable for all the stakeholders. We do not like the unilateral approach. We do think that multilateralism has to have a chance. It is difficult but the only avenue for the future. We are supporting actively and fully the UN system – the United Nations – because with your work you pave the way to a better future. The United Nations are the cornerstone of multilateralism, the bridge to a better humanity, a better world. The European Union will remain the close partner of the United Nations and of António Guterres.

Let me conclude by saying as clearly as I can that we are supporting the initiatives of the Secretary-General to reform the Organisation of the United Nations.


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