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José Manuel Durão Barroso

President of the European Commission

Statement of President Barroso following his meeting with Mr Bronisław Komorowski, President of Poland

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Brussels, 1st September 2010

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was an honour to welcome the President of Poland, Mr Bronisław Komorowski here in the European Commission and I would like to thank him for the fact that he has chosen Brussels and the European Commission for his first official foreign visit after taking up office last month. I want once again to congratulate President Komorowski for his election and wish him and Poland all the best.

We have had a fruitful meeting with intensive discussions about the EU's current agenda and our future cooperation. I think we can say that we share the strategic view about the needs to reinforce our European Union and you know well our how important I consider the role of Poland for that purpose.

We have also discussed some matters that are now in the current agenda of the European Union, for instance the need to keep a strong cohesion policy. We are preparing the budget review and of course I count on the support of Poland for this very important idea - the idea of European solidarity - because without solidarity we do not have a real Union.

I think this role of Poland is very important also in terms of the support for the deepening of the European integration, for instance in foreign policy, in other matters that are so important for the deepening of the European project and I was extremely happy to listen to the views, the analysis, the strategic view of President Komorowski.

We are now in a new era after the Lisbon Treaty. We have now structures that can enable us to make a strong European Union if of course all the Member states cooperate for that purpose with the European institutions and the European Commission has been always supporting this enlarged Europe, supporting this democratic Poland and we believe this can be one of the most promising ways for the European Union to benefit from this European impetus that Poland and other countries can bring to our European Union.

We have also discussed other concrete issues – the eastern dimension of the European Union, what we can do also looking forward to the Polish Presidency of the Council second half of next year. I will not now go in details, but just to tell you how much I appreciated this first contact we had at this level with the President of Poland. Once again thank you for having chosen Brussels for this visit abroad in a very special date for Poland. This is in fact a historic date because it was also the commemoration of the beginning of the Second World War and the fact that now we have Poland so deeply in the European Union, such a strong member of our Union and we have such leaders in Poland's so committed to our common project is indeed a great demonstration of the progress that we in Europe have made during the last decades.

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