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SPEECH/ 09/562

José Manuel Dur ã o Barroso

P resident of the European Commission

President Barroso announces the New Commission

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Press conference in the Berlaymont

Brussels, 27 November 2009

I know you are all very hard-working people but nevertheless I apologise for keeping you this Friday afternoon in Brussels. I just received the final nominations from member states last Tuesday. I am delighted to present this new team.

I have received excellent nominations from the Member States, and am especially pleased to welcome back 13 Commissioners. This team is a perfect blend of experience and new thinking. We have a European programme, and now we have a European team.

This is also a College with a sound mix of talents, gender and political orientation: 9 women Commissioners of which 3 will be Vice Presidents

The team is as important as the tasks. I want full ownership of the priorities of this College from everyone.

I have moulded a College which I believe can deliver the agenda for change I presented to the European Parliament in September that was endorsed by a clear majority.

I am confident that I have assigned the right jobs to the right people. There were many requests, but these are my choices alone.

I've sought to design a College which can generate fresh thinking and new ideas on the biggest challenges we face in Europe today.

I'm confident that the Commissioners, who will be presented to the European Parliament, can be decisive in steering Europe towards sustainable recovery and a smarter, greener social market economy that works for people.

In 5 years time I want this Commission to have been instrumental in leading Europe out of the economic crisis towards a competitive economy that provides sustainable growth and prosperity for all our citizens for many years to come. That is our number one task.

This Commission will work in partnership with the Member States and the European Parliament. It will lead, it will not be led. It will decide, it will not only debate. It will act, it will not only ask.

This will be an independent Commission that undertakes all its responsibilities to the full.

I have put together a strong Commission to fill the enhanced role of Europe on the world stage provided by the Lisbon Treaty.

The Commission must drive Europe's new institutional make-up. It can only work, if Europe's institutions work together. Europe's citizens do not need turf-wars between institutions.

One of the key tasks of the new Commission will be to give life to the new opportunities provided by the Lisbon Treaty.

I have the pleasure to present this new team to the European Parliament. I hope the Parliament will be able to give it its full confidence.

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