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SPEECH/ 09/288

José Manuel Dur ã o Barroso

P resident of the European Commission

Statement of President Barroso following the meeting with the Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer

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VIP Corner with the Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer

Brussels, 9 June 2009

First of all, I would like to welcome the President of the Council, Prime Minister Jan Fischer. This was an important opportunity to prepare the European Council following the outcome of the European Parliament elections. These were very important elections that sent very clear signals and I think next week's European Council must draw the appropr iate implications of this vote.

Europeans want a stable economy and a new financial system. Europeans want job security and help for those that are unemployed. They want economic recovery that is smarter and greener and sustainable. They want a Europe that safeguards fundamental freedoms and security at the same time.

In concrete terms, I will therefore be looking for endorsement at the European Council of the Commission's ambitious financial supervision package. I want agreement on a work plan for the rapid adoption of the legislative proposals based on the Commission proposals, the architecture for the future financial system.

I will be looking for agreement on the actions set out in the Commission communication on employment. This is in fact the most important concern of our citizens.

I will set out our thinking on how to work with international partners to get an ambitious package on fighting climate change in the Copenhagen Conference.

And I will also report to the European Council on the latest developments on the Ukraine / Russia gas situation.

I think policy delivery must be the focus of this summit – that is the clear lesson to draw from the European elections. Our citizens want concrete results for their questions.

At the same time, I hope we can resolve the institutional issues on the table, in line with our agreement at the European Council last December.

I want us to give the Irish Government what it needs to call a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and to give it the best chance to win. I therefore hope we can quickly agree on the assurances that we accepted in December.

The outcome of the European Parliament elections also makes it possible to clarify my own intentions.

I have said many times that I'm privileged to be the President of the European Commission.

I am therefore honoured that the President of the European Council has today asked me if he can put forward my name for a second mandate, in view of the consultations he will be making in preparation for the next European Council. I have agreed to this request.

This acceptance presupposes that the European Council and the European Parliament embrace the ambitious political programme that I will propose for Europe for the next five years: I believe that in times of crisis we need a strong European Commission and strong European Union. I believe we are not living in business as usual times. We need ambition and European commitment.

We need a Europe that puts opportunity, responsibility and solidarity at the heart of a social market economy.

A Europe that leads our economies out of the current crisis, creating more and better jobs and paving the way for smarter, greener and more sustainable growth.

A Europe that continues to lead the drive towards better regulation and supervision of the financial markets, shaping globalisation with our own values, open competitive, innovative economies that respect ethical principles.

A Europe that keeps World leadership in fighting climate change, while promoting innovation and creating new opportunities for our economic operators.

A Europe of responsibility and action, both inside the Union and in the wider World.

On the basis of these consultations, I will assess whether my ambition for Europe is matched by the ambition of the member states and the European Parliament and make my final decision accordingly.

President of the Council, Prime Minister, let me thank you for your support and confidence.

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