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Luxembourg, 15 October 2012



EU sanctions against the Syrian regime once more strengthened

Given the intensifying violence in Syria, the Council today reinforced EU sanctions against the Syrian regime.

The Council added 28 persons responsible for the violent repression against the civilian population to the list of those subject to a travel ban and an asset freeze. At the same time, two additional entities were targeted with a freeze of their assets in the EU.

The Council also took further steps in respect of arms, prohibiting the import into the EU of arms from Syria, or any EU involvement in the transport of Syrian arms. The Council also banned EU nationals and enterprises from supplying financial services to Syrian arms exports, including insurance and re-insurance. No EU citizens or companies must be involved in Syrian military cooperation with third countries, which could benefit the Syrian regime.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said: "The EU warns against further militarisation of the conflict. We call on all states to refrain from delivering arms to Syria and to follow the EU in stopping the supplies that fuel the fighting."

The Council also denied all flights operated by Syrian Arab Airlines access to EU airports, which is also subject to an asset freeze. This comes in addition to an existing ban on Syrian cargo flights.

This is the 19th round of EU sanctions against the Syrian regime. Today's decisions bring the total number of targeted persons and entities to 181 individuals and 54 entities.

Today's decisions, together with the list of additional designations, will be published in the EU Official Journal of 16 October.

See also: Council conclusions on Syria

For more information about EU restrictive measures against the Syria regime, see factsheet European Union and Syria.

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