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Brussels, 24 September 2009

13626/09 (Presse 275)

Council adopts new eco-design directive*

The Council adopted a revised eco-design directive ( 3663/09 , 13329/09 ADD 1 REV 1 ), following a first-reading agreement with the European Parliament.

The new directive extends the scope of the existing directive 2005/32 by covering in principle all energy-related products. This will improve the energy and resource efficiency of a much wider range of products and reduce demand on natural resources, contributing to the security of energy supply and to the achievement of greenhouse gas emission targets in the EU. At the same time, economic savings for businesses and end-users can be expected.

The current eco-design rules deal only with energy-using products, such as washing machines, freezers or hair-driers. In the future, products such as windows, insulation materials, or certain water using products like shower heads or taps are covered as well.

The eco-design directive foresees the establishment of requirements that energy-related products must meet if they are to benefit from free movement within the Community. These requirements will have to be decided under the comitology-procedure by the Commission, following an impact assessment.

The new rules require manufacturers of energy related products to consider already at the design stage the environmental impact of those products throughout their whole life cycle, thus facilitating environmental improvement in a cost-effective way.

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