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Brussels, 27 July 2009

12379/09 (Presse 233)

Council closes consultations with the Republic of Guinea

Today the Council concluded the consultations held under Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement with the Republic of Guinea to assist the country's return to constitutional rule ( 11766/09 ).

The European Union considered that the coup d'état in Guinea on 23 December 2008 was a serious violation of democracy and the rule of law, which are both essential elements of the Cotonou Agreement. In accordance with Article 96, the EU therefore engaged in a political dialogue with the ruling regime.

At the opening of consultations on 29 April 2009, the participants discussed how to organise a return to constitutional rule and the establishment of a democratic government elected through free and transparent elections. Guinea put forward a number of proposals concerning the transition roadmap, the National Council for Transition, the revision of the fundamental law, elections, as well as on human rights, the rule of law and governance.

The EU found the commitments made by the Guinean authorities broadly encouraging, but it remains concerned about the slow pace of implementation of the roadmap. To help the Republic of Guinea in the transition, the EU today adopted appropriate measures with a view to the gradual resumption of cooperation: the EU will continue to finance humanitarian and emergency operations and measures in direct support of the people of Guinea, as well as measures designed to assist in the political transition or aimed at ending the crisis. The Commission will also continue to finance ongoing contracts. The precautionary measures adopted for ongoing projects and programmes under the 9 th and earlier European Development Funds will be gradually lifted as Guinea takes concrete steps towards constitutional rule and democratic elections.

The EU will continue to monitor the situation in Guinea closely over a period of 24 months. During this period, an enhanced dialogue with the Guinean authorities will underpin the process of transition and regular reviews will be conducted.

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