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Luxembourg, 29 April 1997

7569/97 (Presse 125)


Declaration by the European Union on Iran

The Council had an extensive discussion on European Union relations with Iran, in the light of the Mykonos case. It reaffirmed the Presidency's declaration of 10 April 1997. It reiterated that the European Union has always wanted a constructive relationship with Iran, as expressed in the declaration of Edinburgh of 1992. However progress can only be made if the Iranian authorities respect the norms of international law and refrain from acts of terrorism, including against Iranian citizens living abroad and cooperate in preventing such acts.

It called on Iran to abide by its commitments under international agreements, including those concerning the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as those concerning human rights. It urged Iran to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention.

The Council, determined to fight against terrorism in all its forms, regardless of its perpetrators or motives, agreed on the following:

  •  confirmation that under the present circumstances there is no basis for the continuation of the Critical Dialogue between the European Union and Iran;
  •  the suspension of official bilateral Ministerial visits to or from Iran under the present circumstances;
  •  confirmation of the established policy of European Union Member States not to supply arms to Iran;
  •  cooperation to ensure that visas are not granted to Iranians with intelligence and security functions;
  •  concertation in excluding Iranian intelligence personnel from European Union Member States.

The Council decided to keep the relationship with Iran under close review and instructed the Political Committee accordingly. Member States will instruct their Ambassadors, after their return to Teheran, to contribute in a coordinated way to the continual appraisal by the Council of the relationship.

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia align themselves with this declaration.

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