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Brussels, 10 April 1997

7009/97 (Presse 97)


Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on Iran

In the findings of the Superior Court of Justice in Berlin in the so-called Mykonos case, the involvement of the Iranian authorities at the highest level was established.

The European Union condemns this involvement of the Iranian authorities and regards such behaviour as totally unacceptable in the conduct of international affairs.

The European Union has always wanted a constructive relationship with Iran and its critical dialogue agreed at the European Council in December 1992 was designed to further that objective. However, no progress can be possible while Iran flouts international norms, and indulges in acts of terrorism.

The Presidency invited Member States to recall their Ambassadors for coordinated consultation on the future relationship of the European Union with Iran. The European Union noted that under the present circumstances there is no basis for the continuation of the critical dialogue.

The Council meeting on 29 April will review the European Union's relations with Iran and decide what further action would be appropriate.

The European Union expects the Iranian Government to take measures against possible threats and accusations against any Member State and to take the necessary steps to safeguard the security of all European Union citizens and their institutions in Iran.

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