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       The Commission has approved a proposal for a Regulation implementing
   the Regulation on the Community trade mark (1).  The purpose of this
   implementing Regulation is to lay down streamlined formalities for
   applying for registration and to ensure that procedures can be completed
       Community trade mark
       In the White Paper on completing the internal market, the Commission
   gave priority to the creation of a Community trade mark.  The Commission
   presented its original proposal for a Regulation on the Community trade
   mark in 1980; it amended the proposal in July 1984.
       That proposal would make it possible for a trade mark to be declared
   valid throughout the Community.  Industrial property legislation of this
   kind would directly benefit trade within the Community and business
   activity; it would thus contribute to economic expansion while bringing
   particular advantages to consumers.  Overall it would represent an
   important mechanism of economic integration.
       Article 125 of the proposed Regulation on the Community trade mark
   makes provision for implementing rules covering in particular the
   formalities for applying for a Community trade mark, the calculation and
   laying down of the time limits to be observed in dealings with the
   Community Trade Marks Office, the items to be published in the Community
   Trade Marks Bulletin and the rules governing the opposition, appeals,
   revocation and invalidity procedure.
       The implementing rules proposed would deal mainly with the following:
     (i) the application of the Nice Agreement concerning the International
         Classification of Goods and Services
    (ii) the use of modern telecommunications systems, so as to ensure that
         the procedure is as rapid as possible;
   (iii) simplification of the fees system and the dropping of the
         publication fee;
    (iv) the handling of applications by representatives holding blanket
     (v) a system for publishing relevant registration particulars;
    (vi) registration of the trade mark in the language for procedural
(1) COM (85) 844

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