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      The Commission has adopted a proposal for a Directive on the
      facilitation of controls and formalities applicable to
      Member State nationals when crossing intra-Community
      The proposal is based on the principles contained in the
      Commission's draft decision and the resolution of the
      Council and the Member States meeting within the Council of
      7 June 1984.  The Franco-German agreement of June 1984 to
      conduct no more than spot checks on travellers between the
      two States who display a green disc with the letter E goes
      beyond the European Council's resolution and was very highly
      praised by the Commission at the time.
      The Commission's proposal for a Directive therefore aims at
      extending the agreement, which was later also introduced
      between France and Benelux and between Germany and Benelux,
      to the Community as a whole.  The scope of the agreement
      should be widened to apply not only to controls on motorways
      but also to airports, porots and railway stations.  In this
      context the importance of the European passport recently
      introduced in five Member States must be emphasized :
      motorists can now identify themselves at the Franco-German
      border by displaying a green disc with the letter E, the
      plan being to ecxtend this procedure to all road crossing-
      points between Community countries; persons travelleing by
      air or train could do likewise by showing their European
      The purpose of the proposal is therefore to create a
      favbourable impression isn the minds of Member State
      nationals in order to increase their awareness of the real
      existence of the Community.
      Main points of the proposal :
      1. Nationals of the Member States of the Community may cross
      intra-Community borders without restriction whatever the
      mode of transport used.
      2. Member States may carry out spot checks at border
      crossing points or just beyond.  However, these spot checks
      mudst be limited and there can no longer ber any question of
      travellers being as a matter of course, obliged to present
      an identification document for verification or to make an
      oral fdeclaration regarding goods they are carrying.  The
      proposal also permits Member States to carry out stricter
      controls, for milited periods of time, in exceptional caseds
      where public security is involved.
      (1) COM(84) 749.
                                  - 2 -
      3. Persons displaying a green disc (equivalent to a
      declaration that they fulfil the required conditions) may
      cross the border at low speed, thereby enabling border
      officials to carry out a simple visual check.
      4. In airports and ports it is proposed that red and green
      channels ber introduced which will operate with the samme
      effect as the display of a green disc.
      5. It is expressly stated that the proposal does not
      preclude the existence of the adoption of more favourable
      regulations for Member State nationals.
      6. The Commission will draw up a periodic report in order to
      ensure that the proposals' objectives are attained, to
      measure progress made and to sstudy ways and means of
      achieving the total abolition of controls on Member State
      nationals at intra-Community borders.
      7. In keeping with the wish expressed by the European
      Council, the Directive should be brought into effect by
      Member States no later than 1 July 1985.

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