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EXME 14 / 17.03


17 / 03 / 14

The 2014 EU Justice Scoreboard: Towards more effective justice systems in the EU

The European Commission will today release the second edition of the EU Justice Scoreboard to promote the quality, independence and efficiency of justice systems in the European Union. The EU Justice Scoreboard is an information tool that presents objective, reliable and comparable data on the justice systems in the Member States. It is part of the European Semester – the process through which Member States coordinate their economic reforms enabling the Commission to detect trends relating to the functioning of national justice systems. The aim is to see what is working well and where improvements are needed to drive economic growth. Vice-President Reding said: "Justice delayed is justice denied. The EU Justice Scoreboard is a key tool within the EU’s economic strategy, enabling more effective justice for citizens and businesses. A properly functioning, independent justice system is essential to gaining the trust of citizens and investors, and indispensable for mutual trust in the European area of justice". See also: MEMO/14/194

Statement by President Barroso and President Van Rompuy on Crimea

"The European Union considers the holding of the referendum on the future status of the territory of Ukraine as contrary to the Ukrainian Constitution and international law. The referendum is illegal and illegitimate and its outcome will not be recognised", said President Barroso and President Van Rompuy in a joint statement yesterday. "The solution to the crisis in Ukraine must be based on the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, in the framework of the Ukrainian Constitution as well as the strict adherence to international standards. Only working together through diplomatic processes, including direct discussions between the Governments of Ukraine and Russia, can we find a solution to the crisis. The European Union has a special responsibility for peace, stability and prosperity on the European continent and will continue pursuing these objectives using all available channels."

Read the full statement.

Other news

February 2014: Euro area annual inflation down to 0.7% - EU down to 0.8%

Euro area annual inflation was 0.7% in February 2014, down from 0.8% in January. A year earlier the rate was 1.8%. Monthly inflation was 0.3% in February 2014. European Union annual inflation was 0.8% in February 2014, down from 0.9% in January. A year earlier the rate was 2.0%. Monthly inflation was 0.3% in February 2014. These figures come from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

‘Health in Europe: Making it Fairer’: follow the conference online

A major conference addressing equity in health and combatting discrimination in health in the EU, opens tomorrow in Brussels. Commission Vice President and EU-Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding, Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, Greek Health Minister, Adonis Georgiadis, and Latvian Minister of Health, Ingrīda Circene will give opening speeches. For the conference programme and the link to web streaming see . Vulnerable groups, e.g. people living in extreme poverty, disadvantaged migrants, disadvantaged ethnic minority groups like the Roma community, people suffering from illnesses that carry stigma, e.g. HIV/AIDS or mental illness, often experience either direct or indirect discrimination in heath.  The conference will put this issue under the spotlight. By providing a forum to exchange information on policies and good practice in improving fairness and equity in health and combatting discrimination, the aim is to publish conclusions on common basic principles and values that can be applied across the EU. Follow us on Twitter: @EU_Health

Mergers: Commission clears acquisition of sole control of Newedge Group by Société Générale

The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of sole control over Newedge Group S.A. ("Newedge") by Société Générale S.A. ("Société Générale"), both of France. Newedge is currently jointly controlled by Société Générale and Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Banking ("CACIB"). Newedge provides brokerage and clearing services across a broad range of listed and bilaterally traded derivatives and securities in the European Economic Area (EEA), North America and Asia. Société Générale is active in the field of retail banking, corporate and investment banking, private banking, asset management, and securities services worldwide. Within corporate and investment banking, Société Générale operates to some extent on the same markets as Newedge. The parties are both globally active in the markets for brokerage services and its various sub-segments (execution of listed derivatives, OTC (over-the-counter) derivatives and listed securities), as well as in the markets for clearing services for listed derivatives. The Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would not raise competition concerns, because the overlaps between the parties' activities are limited and a number of national, regional and global players will remain active in the markets for the execution and clearing of brokerage services for listed and OTC derivatives. More information is available on the Commission's competition website, in the public case register under the case number M. 7163 .

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of Spanish metal food cans producer Mivisa by rival Crown, subject to conditions

The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of Mivisa Envases, S.A.U. of Spain by Crown Holdings, Inc. of the United States. Both Crown and Mivisa manufacture metal food cans used for fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, pet food as well as ready-made meals. The clearance is conditional upon (i) the divestment of Crown's plants producing metal cans in Spain and (ii) the divestment of Mivisa's metal food cans plant in the Netherlands. The Commission was concerned that following the acquisition, the level of competition in markets for metal food cans in the Benelux, France, Spain and Portugal would have been too weak to avoid price increases. The commitments offered by Crown address these concerns.

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