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EXME 13 / 07.08


07 /08 / 13

European Commission continues anti-subsidy investigation on solar panels from China without duties

In its anti-subsidy investigation on solar panels from China which is running in parallel to the on-going anti-dumping investigation, the European Commission will not impose measures at provisional stage. The Commission will continue working actively on the anti-subsidy case in order to arrive to definitive findings that are due in December this year. As the provisional anti-dumping measures and the price undertaking on the same product already remove the injury suffered by the Union industry, this decision does not have an impact on the protection of the Union industry against unfair trade practices. The decision not to impose any provisional anti-subsidy measures does however not prejudice the final outcome of the anti-subsidy investigation.

Other news

Urban wastewater collection and treatment improving

The latest figures for wastewater treatment in Europe show improvements in collection and treatment, even if big differences remain between Member States. Frontrunners such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands largely meet EU minimum standards for wastewater treatment with several others being very close. Newer Member States, starting from a lower baseline, have also improved overall collection and treatment, despite lower compliance rates. The report shows that the vast majority (91 %) of the pollution load from the EU's big cities receives more stringent treatment, a considerable improvement on the situation in the previous report (77 %). This progress comes with significant EU investment support, amounting to EUR 14.3 billion between 2007-2013. Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik said: "Wastewater treatment is one of those fundamental tests for society: are we cleaning up the mess we create, or are we fouling the environment we depend upon? I am relieved to see the trends going in the right direction, and I am also happy to see that Commission action, a mix of financial support and tough legal action when necessary, has paid dividends for Europe's citizens."

New EU support for decentralisation in Liberia

Today, the EU has announced new support for a development project in Liberia which will promote local governance through activities such as on-the-job training and coaching, study and exchange visits, as well as office rehabilitation and refurbishment and peer-to-peer monitoring to encourage local participation. The objective of the new project is to contribute to the development of the country so that all Liberians, independently of where they live, will have access to services, benefit from inclusive economic growth and participate in political life. The total support from the EU amounts to €5.5 million. The programme will be implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Governance Commission with support from the United Nations Development Programme.

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