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EXME09 / 24.03


News from the Communication Directorate General's midday briefing

Nouvelles du rendez-vous de midi de la Direction Générale Communication

24 / 03 / 09

The European Corporate Governance Forum, which examines best practices in Member States in the field of corporate governance, has issued a public statement concerning the main principles that should govern the remuneration of executive directors. The Forum considers that Member States should ensure that these principles are incorporated in the national corporate governance codes and suggests that the Commission should issue a recommendation to this end. Furthermore, it suggests that a directive would be appropriate to ensure that listed companies disclose their remuneration policy and the pay of individual directors.

The European Commission has adopted a Recommendation to the Council that would provide the Commission with negotiating directives for the conclusion of an agreement creating a Unified Patent Litigation System (UPLS). The UPLS would increase legal certainty, reduce costs and improve access to patent litigation for businesses, in particular SMEs. The court structure to be established in the framework of the UPLS would have jurisdiction both for existing European patents and for future Community patents. This constitutes a further significant step in the pursuit of the EU's patent reform agenda.

La Commission européenne a autorisé, en vertu des règles du traité CE relatives aux aides d'État, une modification du dispositif français de renforcement des fonds propres des établissements de crédit, approuvé les 8 décembre et 28 janvier derniers par la Commission (voir IP/08/1900 et IP/09/158). La modification du régime concerne les conditions de rémunération et de remboursement des actions de préférence émises par les banques bénéficiaires pour leur recapitalisation par l'État. Le régime ainsi modifié est conforme aux communications de la Commission relatives aux mesures en faveur des banques durant la crise (voir IP/08/1495 et IP/08/1901). Il prévoit notamment une rémunération adéquate de l’intervention étatique.

Today is World Tuberculosis Day. The European Commission research funding programmes have been supporting research on this vital disease for many years. On 19 March 2009, one EU-funded project, 'New Medicines for Tuberculosis', announced the discovery of a new drug candidate, showing promising prospects for fighting not only Tuberculosis (TB), but also for combating the Extensively Drug Resistant form of the disease. The European Commission has provided over EUR 11 million for this research project. This drug's development is particularly striking as no new anti-tuberculosis drug has been devised in 40 years. This research could lead to a much-awaited new tuberculosis drug entering the market in the next decade.

  • Emissions trading: Commission to publish verified emissions data for 2008

The European Commission expects to publish on 1 April 2009 or soon afterwards the verified data on 2008 carbon dioxide equivalent emissions submitted by installations covered by the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). Installations participating in the EU ETS are required to submit data on 2008 verified emissions to Member State registries by 31 March 2009. Member State registries automatically transmit this information to the Community Independent Transaction Log ("CITL"). The CITL will give unlimited, "real time" public access to submitted verified 2008 emissions data at installation level as soon as it has received data for installations that were responsible for at least 80% of the emissions recorded in 2007. If this level is reached on the morning of 1 April 2009, as the Commission believes is likely, the data will be made public as of 15:00 Brussels (Central European Summer) time that day. Otherwise, the data will be released on the day the 80% level is reached. The Emissions Trading Directive requires the aggregated data to be published by 15 May at the latest. It should be noted that the verified emissions data to be published is provided electronically by installations and may subsequently be subject to significant corrections by Member State authorities. The Commission therefore accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the use, accuracy or completeness of this data. It should also be noted that, due to extension and increased harmonisation of the scope of the EU ETS between 2007 and 2008, aggregate emissions data and, in some cases, installation-level 2008 emissions data are not directly comparable in terms of their coverage to 2007 data. The verified emissions data for 2008 will be published at

  • Autre matériel diffusé

• Memo on Key elements of the Internal Energy Market Package as proposed by the Commission on 19 September 2007

• Speech by Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner 'EU-Ukraine: Partners for securing gas to Europe', Brussels

• Speech of President Barroso at the Conference on Modernisation of Ukraine’s Gas Transit System, Brussels

• Speech by Commissioner Ashton 'Economic Partnership Agreements - remarks to European Parliament', Strasbourg

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