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        Mr Claude CHEYSSON, Member of the Commission with
        responsibility for North-South relations, with particular
        reference to Latin America, will represent the Commission at
        the ceremonies marking the investiture of President VINICIO
        CERESO, who was elected President of Guatemala in December last
        Guatemala is one of the six Central American countries which
        signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Community on 12
        November last year. Links between Guatemala and the Community,
        which hitherto were not very close, are to be tightened under
        the Agreement.  Cooperation at both bilateral and regional
        level should be stepped up appreciably in the next few days.
        EEC-Guatemala cooperation
        In 1984 Guatemala received financial assistance of 40 000 ECU
        under the heading of trade cooperation.   In 1985 it was
        involved in a 20 million ECU regional financing scheme covering
        five countries (*) which was aimed at providing a programme of
        funding for small businesses.  It has also received around 2
        million ECU a year in food aid, distributed through  non-
        governmental organizations and designed to provide relief  for
        displaced persons.
        EEC-Guatemala trade
                                                     (Million ECU)
                       1980   1981   1982   1983  1984   1985
                                                        (6 months)
        EXPORTS         130    180    126    107   157     82
        IMPORTS         264    204    225    183   180    130
        BALANCE        -134    -24    -99    -76   -23    -48
        SOURCE : SOEC
        The Comunity has traditionally had a trade deficit with
        From the structural standpoint, six products account for 92% of
        total imports from Guatemala into the Community ; they are
        coffee (58.4%), cotton (15.6%), bananas (8.8%), unprocessed
        vegetable products (4.4%), sugar and honey (2.4%), and oilseeds
        and oleaginous fruit (2.2%).  The figures for all other
        products are below 1%.
(*) Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hondura, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

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