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European Commission - Fact Sheet

Bank On Nature: First loan agreement backed by Natural Capital Financing Facility signed in Brussels

Brussels, 11 April 2017

Q&A on the Natural Capital Financing Facility and Rewilding Europe Capital

What is the Natural Capital Financing Facility?

The Natural Capital Financing Facility (NCFF) is a financial instrument that combines EIB financing and European Commission funding under the LIFE Programme, the EU's funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The NCFF will contribute to meeting the objectives set out by LIFE, in particular “nature and biodiversity” and “climate change adaptation” by providing financial solutions to bankable projects that promote the conservation, restoration, management and enhancement of natural capital for biodiversity and climate adaptation benefits. This includes ecosystem-based solutions to challenges related to land, soil, forestry, agriculture, water and waste. 

Eligible projects under the NCFF include payments for ecosystem services, green infrastructure, biodiversity offsetting and investments for innovative pro-biodiversity and climate adaptation businesses. A budget of €100 – 125 million is available for the period up to 2019. The European Commission provides up to €50 million as a guarantee for the investments with an additional grant support facility of €10 million for technical assistance. Recipients for NCFF could include public and private entities, including public authorities, land owners and businesses. At any time, potential project developers can contact the EIB to express an interest in the facility and discuss the suitability of their ideas. Proposals will be considered for approval by the Bank, after satisfactory due diligence and selection by the Bank, within the constraints of the available budget.

What is Rewilding Europe Capital?

Rewilding Europe Capital (REC) is Europe's first ‘rewilding enterprise' funding facility that provides financing to new and existing businesses that leverage opportunities created by the emerging rewilding movement across Europe.

REC is part of the enterprise component of Rewilding Europe, which is working to build a business case for wild nature in Europe. REC was established to positively stimulate and mature enterprise economies connected to natural landscapes in Europe, and directly supports businesses fostering conservation and rewilding impact. REC achieves this by providing commercial funding to businesses that can:

  • Positively address negative socioeconomic impacts caused by rural land abandonment that is happening in many areas in Europe;
  • Directly and indirectly support rewilding processes and activities in Europe;
  • Deliver economic returns from nature and wildlife-related sectors that create incentives to conserve natural landscapes and rural cultures and heritage connected to them.

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