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European Commission


Brussels, 23 October 2013

Statement by Commissioner Janusz LEWANDOWSKI on the EP's vote on next year's 2014 budget

"Today's vote on the European Parliament's position on Europe's budget for 2014 opens the start of the conciliation period between the Parliament and the Council.

I welcome the Parliament's vote that supports the Commission's estimates of needs for next year. This is a sensible position: as our heads of states and governments constantly call for more work and investment at EU level in areas such as growth and jobs or science and research, we cannot, as proposed by the Council, cut those very same areas in the EU budget.

As illustrated by the recent discussions concerning the needs to reinforce the 2013 budget, we cannot start the next financial period (2014-2020) with an annual budget that will evidently not cover all the needs.

The Commission's proposal for next year's budget was a serious cut compared to last and previous years, despite the increased competencies bestowed upon the EU; at the same time over 90% of the EU budget consists of giving Europe's regions, businesses, scientists, students, farmers, NGOs a sorely needed financial boost. Therefore I can only hope that the conciliation period will produce an agreement on a budget that promotes growth, employment and innovation while enabling the EU to honour its commitments.


The European Commission presented its proposal for the 2014 budget on26 June 2013 (IP/13/606). The EU budget must be adopted by the Council and the European Parliament. The Council adopted its position on 2 September 2013 and the European Parliament on 23 October 2013. As the position of the two institutions differ, a conciliation committee will be set up which should come up with a joint text within 21 days. Detailed annual budget procedure is established by art. 314 of the Lisbon Treaty.

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