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European Commission


Brussels, 14 June 2013

Press points by Commissioner Štefan Füle following his meeting with Iurie Leancă Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

''This was my first meeting with Iurie Leanca in his new capacity as Moldovan Prime Minister I have wished him good luck. He has a challenging task. I appreciate that Prime Minister´s first trip abroad led to Brussels. This shows the importance Moldova attaches to the EU and also the strength of our relations.

We discussed the political and economic situation in Moldova. While welcoming the end of the recent political crisis in Chisinau, I underlined the importance of drawing the lessons from it, and to focus on the needs of the citizens. As a friend, I have been very open in expressing my strong expectation that the new coalition will work hard genuinely tackling the issues raised by the political crisis.

• First, a robust system of checks and balances needs to be put in place to prevent the state institutions to take partisan sides in period of political tensions.

• Second, corruption needs to be tackled in earnest and at all levels.

• Third, the situation in the media sector needs to be carefully monitored. It is in the interest of Moldova's democracy and of its citizens that the media landscape be pluralistic, diversified and of high quality. The role of the public broadcaster is key.

• Fourth, the majority should make every effort to ensure political inclusiveness of the decision-making process. In any democratic society, the political opposition has a constructive role to play to improve governance. I hope that Prime Minister Leanca's calls on the opposition to play ball with the government in governing the country will be heard.

• I would also like to stress the overarching importance of respect for pluralism and inclusivity. It is essential to overcome the polarisation of society and create space for a broad public debate and respect all opinions. The spirit of pluralistic debate requires respect for others.

• And, last but not least - I repeat - the needs of the citizens should be in the centre of attention.

I re-assured Prime Minister Leancă that, provided these issues are addressed with energy and responsibility, the EU will continue to lend its full support to Moldova's courageous reform efforts – I am referring for instance to the comprehensive reform of the justice sector or that of the Ministry of Interior.

We also agreed on the EU-Moldova agenda for the period down to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on 29 November 2013 and beyond.

Today we also signed two financing agreements, for a total amount of €90 million, in support of justice sector reform and the implementation of EU-Moldova Agreements:-

• The sector budget support on justice (€60 million) intends to support the Justice Sector Reform Strategy of Moldova in order to build an accessible, efficient, independent, transparent, and professional justice sector, with high public accountability and consistent with European standards, in order to ensure the rule of law and protection of human rights.

• The framework programme (€30 million) will support the preparation, negotiation, and implementation of the new agreements between the EU and the Republic of Moldova (Association Agreement including Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) and the participation of Moldova in the European 7th Framework Programme.

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