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European Commission


Chișinau, 18 May 2013

Press points by Štefan Füle Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policy following the meeting with President of Republic of Moldova Nicolae Timofti

'I came to Moldova to participate in Europe Day. I have enjoyed the European village. I met a lot of enthusiastic people. I saw at first hand their deep attachment to European values such as rule of law,fundamental freedoms, democracy, prosperity– those are the values that protect the citizen against arbitrariness, values that give a chance to personal realisation, values that are the most fit to transform human endeavour into lasting prosperity.

President Timofti  updated me about the latest political events. I did not  come here to put my nose into Moldovan politics nor to fix anything -  is ultimately up to  the Moldovan politicians and people to do that.

But I came to recall that democratic institutions do not belong to partisan interests. They must be strong and independent.  And we stand ready to assist you whenever there is a good time to help parties to take the final step in building up on the EU agenda and regaining their own confidence and the confidence of a public that has suffered a lot.

The efforts of  President  Timofte and acting Prime Minister Leanca are to be supported by the pro-reform forces in Moldova.

Moldova needs political stability for the reforms to continue and bring tangible benefits to Moldovan citizens.

Talking about Moldovan citizens - they deserve the benefits of reforms and the  benefits of our continuing support which is not going to be limited to personalities and politics but policies of reforms strengthening the democracy and the rule of law complemented with  concrete assistance where most needed. 

Last year  for example €28 million of additional financial support  was allocated to Moldova on top of the €94 million to support the country with the justice reform as well as  healthcare reform, energy efficiency and vocational education and training.

Moldova's citizens deserve the benefits of the European approximation efforts: greater education and employment opportunities, greater travel possibilities, greater possibilities to realise their personal projects.

I have come here as a friend of  Moldova and there are many friends like me in the European Union all of us committed to continued support of Moldova's path - to ensure its territorial integrity, to build deep and sustainable democracy and promote prosperity for all.

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