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Brussels, 19 November 2013

President Barroso welcomes the European Parliament's consent to the future budget 2014-2020 – Text of the video message of 19 November 2013

"This is a great day for Europe. The European Parliament has given its final blessing to the European budget from 2014 until 2020, thus bringing successfully an end to long negotiations. Now, the Council can seal the deal shortly.

Europe is part of the solution. The European Union will invest almost 1 trillion euros in growth and jobs between 2014 and 2020. Our modern, future-oriented budget can make a real difference to people's lives. It will help to strengthen and sustain the recovery underway across the European Union. There is funding so we can build our way out of the crisis, financial support for those below the poverty line or looking for a job, investment opportunities for small companies, and assistance for local communities, farmers, researchers and students. This is a deal which helps every family across Europe.

The shape, the size and the priorities of our new budget are clear. Businesses, regions, cities and farmers can plan their investments; researchers can conceive their projects, and students can start to prepare for their stay abroad.

I urge the Parliament to rapidly adopt the remaining individual funding programmes and instruments, too, so that projects can hit the ground on 1 January 2014, so that money can be disbursed in time, and the results can be felt on the ground.

The EU's budget is modest in size compared to national wealth. But one single year's budget represents more money - in today's prices - than the whole Marshall plan in its time! It is therefore our most important lever to invest in sustainable growth, jobs and competitiveness, in the safety and security of our citizens, and in solidarity with the poorest.

The future budget will fulfil this role even better than in the past, because we have focused it more than before on areas where Europe adds value. We have modernised our policies, simplified our programmes, and put a stronger emphasis on the quality of spending. And we have introduced new instruments such as the Youth Employment Initiative, to help young people on their way to a job. We have created the Connecting Europe Facility, to finance the missing links to interlock energy and transport and digital infrastructure across the EU's single market; And we have developed project bonds, to allow the EU budget to leverage money from private sector and get a bigger return for the money we invest.

I am very pleased that today we are able to show once again: Europe is part of the solution."

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