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European Commission


Brussels, 12 July 2012

Meeting between European Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, and Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta

President Barroso met today with Prime Minister Ponta to discuss the recent institutional and political developments in Romania.

President Barroso expressed his serious concerns about recent political events in Romania in relation to the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary and the role of the Constitutional Court. He underlined that the necessary checks and balances in a democratic system must be guaranteed. President Barroso made clear that the Romanian Government must respect the full independence of the judiciary, restore the powers of the Constitutional Court and ensure that its decisions are observed, appoint an Ombudsman enjoying cross-party support, ensure a new open and transparent procedure for appointing a General Prosecutor and Director of the Anti-Corruption Directorate and make integrity a political priority.

President Barroso welcomed the assurances he received from Prime Minister Ponta that the measures falling under the powers of the government will be undertaken immediately and that he will make every effort to seek a similar commitment from the other Romanian institutions. Prime Minister Ponta said that he will convey these commitments in writing urgently. The European Commission will issue its report under the cooperation and verification mechanism on 18th July 2012, when it will take stock of the progress made in Romania over the last five years, including the most recent developments.

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