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European Commission


Brussels, 21 June 2012

Joint statement by the Danish EU Presidency and Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik welcoming a World Bank Communiqué on Natural Capital Accounting

EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik and the EU Presidency yesterday welcomed a World Bank initiative on natural capital accounting, and the wide support it received at the Rio+20 Conference.

Over 50 countries and 86 large private companies gave their support to the communiqué, which encourages governments, the UN, international financial institutions and international organisations to make full use of natural capital accounting around the world. The aim is to factor the value of natural resources like ecosystems, clean air, clean water, and forests that underpin our economic growth into business decision-making and countries' systems of national accounting. The communiqué, first launched in Botswana in May, will foster the concrete implementation of natural capital accounting through a UN-recognised methodology, strengthened political will and high-level commitments from the private sector.

Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik and Danish Minister of Environment Ida Auken said: "This initiative is an important achievement in the context of Rio+20, and a valuable way of getting business on board to achieve an inclusive green economy. The strong support from the political and the business world confirms their commitment around sustainable development and shows that a green economy, taking full account of the value of natural assets, is the smartest and the most efficient way of securing our future growth and well-being.  We fully support this initiative that reflects existing EU policies, in particular beyond GDP action plan and backs our objectives for the Rio+20 Conference."

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