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European Commission


Los Cabos, 19 June 2012

G20 summit: Statement by President Barroso after the G20 discussions on the global economy and the European debt crisis

Firstly, G20 leaders, after very good, frank and open discussion, will recognise the extremely important efforts that Europe has been making to deal with the financial crisis. It was very good to understand the questions and to work cooperatively for the solution of this global financial crisis including the European part of it.

Secondly, there is today an overall international appeal for Europe to be more united, to go deeper in integration. It is extremely interesting to listen to all parts of the world, from the United States to Asia, to ask the European Union, and namely the Euro area, to deepen its integration, to build a banking union, a true economic and monetary union, and even making appeals to a political union.

So, today the appeals for a stronger, more integrated European Union and euro area are not just coming from all of us like myself that in Europe are true believers in the European project. It has become a real systemic global necessity. This is one of the important messages of this G20.

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