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Brussels, 21 May 2012

Main messages of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso at the NATO summit in Chicago (Meeting on Afghanistan at the level of Heads of State and/or Government on 21 May 2012)

The transition which is about to be concluded must now give rise to a tranformation. Transformation of Afghanistan into a stable, prosperous, self sufficient State.

The EU and its Member States provide more than EUR 1billion a year in support. This strong engagement will continue in the future. EU Member States contribute with more than 25% of ISAF forces.

Security and development go hand in hand. The EU's support will therefore remain multidimensional ranging from security to institution and capacity building and socio-economic development.

On the security dimension our support has concentrated on the reinforcement of the country's policing capacity. A civilian police force is critical. The EUPOL mission is assisting on training and improving links between the justice sector and security.

The EU is increasing its support from the EU budget for civilian police to 170 million EUR (220 USD million) over the period 2011-2013, which represents a 20% increase.

The EU will continue to prioritise support to Afghanistan beyond 2014.

The Afghan government must also implement reforms in key areas and the international community as a whole should also step up its engagement.

My message here today is that we will do our part to ensure that Afghan development is both durable and secure. Our commitment is not only to the country's young men and women today, but also to the generations yet to come.


EU support to Afghanistan today:

1.2 billion EUR per year (EU budget and Member States combined)

Thereof: 200 million EUR per year from the EU budget, including support for the civilian police.

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