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Brussels, 3 May 2012

President Barroso's remarks after his meeting with Vice-Premier Li

It was a pleasure to meet again Vice-Premier Li. Our discussions were wide-ranging, substantive and constructive – as was the EU-China Summit held in Beijing last February.

Vice-Premier Li's visit today is testimony to the solid and forward-looking nature of the EU-China bilateral relationship, which continues to grow closer and stronger.

I had the opportunity to review with Vice-Premier Li the comprehensive nature of EU-China relations. The EU and China are two important poles in our globalised world. Everything we do – and what we do together – has a global impact. That is why we have a duty and a responsibility, before our citizens, but also before the rest of the world, to cooperate closely on all matters.

Therefore, I am particularly glad that we are today formally launching our Partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation that will allow us to co-operate more closely in addressing common economic, social and environmental challenges. We are also, with the signature of two joint declarations on energy cooperation, showing that this is an area in which Europe can work together with China, and where Chinese and European talent and creativity can contribute to improve the quality of life of our citizens.

We have also discussed the global economy and the preparations for the upcoming G20 Summit. The European Union and China are two of the world's key economic players, and our trade and investment relations are a major source of economic growth, jobs, development and innovation. We need to work hard together to build a level playing field and make the most of it for our citizens and businesses.

During our meeting, I expressed my appreciation for the measures taken by the Chinese government to rebalance the Chinese growth model and for the confidence Vice-Premier Li has expressed in the EU's ability to overcome the current economic challenges, as well as for his support for the EU's actions in this regard.

We need to work closely together to promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth in line with our G20 commitments.

Vice-Premier Li and I also exchanged views on climate change and sustainable development, in particular regarding the preparations of the Rio+20 Conference. We must work together in securing a successful outcome of this conference. I welcomed China's intention to develop climate legislation to implement its international target. The EU stands ready to co-operate on successful climate change policies, including on emissions trading.

We also discussed the preparations for our 15th Summit which will be held in Brussels. It is important that our preparatory bodies can meet soon, including to continue our human rights dialogue. In this regard I welcomed the decision to hold the next Human Rights Dialogue meeting on 29-30 May.

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