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Brussels, 27 April 2012

Statement by Vice-President Rehn on the budgetary agreement reached in the Netherlands

"We welcome the budgetary agreement reached with broad consensus in The Netherlands. It sends a strong signal of commitment to keep Dutch public finances on a strong and sustainable footing with a view to securing the welfare of future generations.

The agreement confirms a long Dutch tradition of sound public finances, reflecting a deeply-rooted stability culture. It underlines the strength and credibility of domestic institutions in not shying away from difficult choices that inevitably have to be made.

Consequently, the Dutch authorities submitted the Stability Programme today, in respect of the agreed deadline. The Commission will assess the programme in May in the context of the European Semester, as it will for all EU Member States.

The rules of the Stability and Growth Pact put a strong emphasis on the structural sustainability of public finances and on structural reforms. The Commission will therefore assess the Dutch programme putting particular emphasis on the quality and sustainability of the adjustment measures in the medium-term."

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