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Brussels, 29 September 2011

First Tunisia-EU Task Force meeting: summary of key deliverables


  • Tunisia will be the First country to host a taskforce meeting, reflecting its leading role in the Arab Spring.

  • Formal negotiations between Tunisia and the EU to establish a 'Privileged Partnership' (Advanced Status) on 30 September 2011.

Asset recovery

  • EU will establish an asset recovery support team with experts in Tunis and Brussels to facilitate information sharing with Member-States and Tunisian Government.

  • High level workshop in November in Brussels with participation of World Bank experts from the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR) and key stakeholders.

Short-term economic support

  • The international community has collectively put together a one-billion euro support programme to relaunch the Tunisian economy.

  • EU contribution is 100 million in grants, which will be formally signed in Tunis, and includes the first disbursement from the SPRING programme (Support for Partnership, Reform and Inclusive Growth).

  • EU will also fund a separate 57 million euro project in the water sector to promote sustainable development in rural areas. This will also be signed in Tunis.

  • Commission will launch 20 million euro project for impoverished areas to rehabilitate 100 poor areas and provide micro-credits for around 40,000 people.

  • Overall Commission support for Tunisia has doubled since the revolution from 80 to 160 million Euros in 2011 (plus a further 80 million Euros humanitarian assistance), and will reach 400 million over the period 2011-2013.

Medium term measures for growth and jobs

  • EIB will boost lending in Tunisia by 60%, from 470 to 800 million euro in 2011.

  • This will include a 130 million euro to support investment by SMEs.

  • Commission will launch 60 million euro project for job creation in 2012 and will work with Member-States to boost training and apprenticeship opportunities.

  • EBRD will begin first operations later this year, with 20 million Euros in support from the EU Neighbourhood Investment Facility.

Opening of Markets

  • Restarting of negotiations to liberalise trade in agriculture

  • Launching a Deep and Comprehensive FTA (DCFTA) once Council agrees mandate

  • Start discussions on an Air Services Agreement to boost travel

Promoting mobility and civil society

  • Launch of negotiations on Mobility Partnerships: the first in Southern Mediterranean

  • Increased funding for students (Erasmus) and Universities (Tempus)

  • Launch of the 22 million euro civil society initiative for the European Neighbourhood


  • An EU-Tunisia Association Committee will follow-up task force recommendations

  • Close co-operation with Deauville Partnership will continue

  • A second meeting of the EU-Tunisia Taskforce will take place in first half of 2012

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