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Brussels, 29 June 2011

Commissioner Malmström welcomes political agreement on stricter rules to combat illicit trafficking of civilian firearms

The negotiators of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission found a political consensus on the text of the Regulation implementing Article 10 of the United Nations' Firearms Protocol and establishing export authorisation, and import and transit measures for firearms, their parts and components and ammunition, which was proposed by the Commission in May 2010 (COM(2010) 273).

Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner responsible for Home Affairs, said: "I strongly welcome this agreement which will help to combat illicit arms trafficking through the improved tracing and control of imports and exports of civilian firearms from and to the EU territory. The agreed text is a balanced compromise between the institutions and I am confident that it will now be adopted swiftly in a first reading agreement. This regulation brings EU legislation in line with Article 10 of the UN Firearms Protocol, allowing its full ratification by the European Union, which has been pending since 2002."

Next steps:

The European Parliament and the Council will now vote on the Directive, to formally adopt it.

For more information of the Commission proposal see IP/10/635 and MEMO/10/225.

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