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Brussels, 17 June 2011

Remarks by President Barroso on the recent political developments in Greece

President Barroso made the following remarks on today's political developments in Greece in response to a question during his press point with the President of Croatia:

"I hope the new government can be approved rapidly, so that the process for continuation of financial assistance to Greece may continue smoothly. I call on all political forces to put all their energy into securing broad political support for the economic reform that Greece needs – reform for the benefit of the people and for the benefit of Greece.

I look to Sunday's Eurogroup to resolve remaining differences and come to a responsible agreement on financial assistance to Greece as outlined by Commissioner Rehn yesterday. Greece must do its part and the European Union must do its part to preserve financial stability and economic recovery in Greece and in Europe.

I am confident that leaders in Greece and in Europe will rise to the challenge and act with responsibility. Of course, the first condition to have success, if we speak about support to Greece, is that Greece wants that support and that Greece is able to deliver on its part. It is critically important that the signals coming from Greece are clear about that. And if Greece does its part, I think the European Union also has to do its part because it is in our joint, it is in our common interest."

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