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Brussels, 16 November 2010

Statement of President Barroso on the 2011 EU budget

I'm extremely disappointed that talks between the Council and the European Parliament on the 2011 budget have broken down. Many in the European Parliament and the Council have worked hard to find a compromise. I would also like to pay a special tribute to the efforts of Commissioner Lewandowski and the Belgian Presidency. I regret that a small number of member states were not prepared to negotiate in a European spirit. Indeed, given the advanced state of the negotiations and the progress made, a solution should have been possible last night.

All involved now need to show responsibility and work as quickly as possible to find an acceptable solution.

Those that think they have won a victory over "Brussels" have shot themselves in the foot. They should know that they have dealt a blow to people all over Europe and in the developing world. This is not a budget for "Brussels". It is the beneficiaries of EU programmes (citizens, businesses, towns, cities, regions and rural communities) who will feel the impact of this failure to reach agreement.

In accordance with the Lisbon Treaty, as long as no budget is agreed, the EU institutions will work under the system of the "provisional twelfth" with each chapter of the budget funded up to a maximum of one twelfth of its appropriations in 2010.

I have asked Commissioner Lewandowski to present as quickly as possible the draft of a new 2011 EU budget that will deliver for Europe's objectives.

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