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Brussels, 6 August 2010

Statement by Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, on the outcome of the Bonn climate change talks

The good progress made this week in the negotiations on new commitments for Parties to the Kyoto Protocol have not been matched in the parallel negotiation track on long-term cooperative action concerning all countries, including those not committed to Kyoto. These negotiations have if anything gone backwards.

This imbalance is not helpful and could seriously endanger the prospects of securing the successful outcome the world needs from the Cancun climate conference next December. At this pace the world will simply collectively miss the train.

The EU wants an ambitious and concrete result from Cancun. This should take the form of a balanced set of decisions that reflect the interests and priorities of all parties and provide a solid basis for reaching a legally binding global climate framework as soon as possible.

Europe has repeatedly made clear that we are open to considering a second commitment period under Kyoto on condition that the weaknesses of the existing framework are addressed. This includes ensuring that the US and other major economies take on their fair share of the effort under a global agreement involving all countries. Unfortunately this condition now appears further from being met than it was at the start of this week.

For Cancun to be a success, it will be crucial to correct the current imbalance in the negotiations through much greater progress on long-term cooperative action at the final preparatory session in China in October. I urge all Parties to recognise their responsibilities and make additional efforts to get the talks back on track and moving in the right direction.


United Nations-led negotiations to prepare a global climate change agreement for the post-2012 era were launched at the end of 2007. The latest negotiating session took place in Bonn, Germany from 2 to 6 August with a view to preparing the UN climate conference to be held in Cancun, Mexico in November/December. The final preparatory session for Cancun will take place in Tianjin, China from 4 to 9 October.

For further information on the Bonn meeting see

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