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Brussels, 31 March 2010

Statement by Stefan Füle on the Constitutional reform proposals in Turkey

A revised Constitution is needed in Turkey to allow for a number of key reforms – which aim at enhancing the democratic standards, human rights and the rule of law, and thus improving the daily life of Turkish citizens. I am happy that this objective is broadly accepted today within the Turkish society and over major parts of the political spectrum. Therefore the Commission welcomes the willingness of the government to proceed in this direction. A package of constitutional reforms has been presented by the Turkish government on 22 March. The Commission services are currently examining it thoroughly. Our first assessment is that, on substance, the proposed reforms go in the right direction. However, given the crucial importance of these reforms for the future of the country, it is equally important that the broadest possible consultation takes place, involving all political parties and civil society, in a spirit of dialogue and compromise. In this way all views and sensitivities can be expressed, and all of Turkey can contribute to the much needed consensus behind this major reform.

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