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Brussels, 9 December 2009

List of 15 energy projects for European economic recovery

(see IP/09/1896)

The Commission approved today 15 energy projects which will significantly contribute to the economic recovery of the EU. This decision grants 1 billion to six CO 2 capture and storage projects and 565 million to nine offshore wind energy projects.


Project name and short description

Applicant name (country)

Maximum Community contribution according to EC decision (in M EUR)


Demonstration of the Oxyfuel and the post combustion technology on an existing power plant site. Two storage and transport options are analysed.

Vattenfall (Germany)



Installation of CCS technology on a new 660MW coal power plant. The capture part will treat flue gases corresponding to 250 MW electrical output. Storage in an offshore saline aquifer nearby.

Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione S.p.A. (Italy)



Demonstration of the full chain of CCS on a capacity of 250MW equivalent using post-combustion technology. Storage of CO2 in a depleted offshore gas field near the plant. The project is part of the Rotterdam Climate initiative that aims at developing a CO 2 transport and storage infrastructure for the region.

Maasvlakte J.V. / E.ON Benelux and Electrabel (Netherlands)



Demonstration of the entire CCS chain on flue gases corresponding to 250MW electrical output in a new supercritical unit of largest lignite-fired plant in Europe. Three different saline aquifer storage sites will be explored nearby.

PGE EBSA (Poland)



Demonstration of the full CCS chain using Oxyfuel and fluidised bed technology on a 30MW pilot plant which to be upscaled by December 2015 to a demonstration plant of more than 320 MW. Storage in a saline aquifer nearby.

ENDESA Generacion S.A.(Spain)



Demonstration of CCS on a new, 900 MW IGCC power plant. Storage in an offshore gas field nearby. The project is part of the Yorkshire Forward initiative that aims at developing a CO 2 transport and storage infrastructure for the region.

Powerfuel Power Ltd. (UK)



Project name/acronym and short description

Applicant name (country)

Maximum Community contribution according to EC decision (in M EUR)

Baltic - Kriegers Flak I, II, III : Combined grid solution. Interconnection of German, Swedish and Danish wind farms in the Kriegers Flak area through a modular-based combined solution, linking up the national grid connections

Vattenfall Europe Transmission GmbH (DE), Affärsverket Svenska Kraftnät (SE), (DK)


COBRA CABLE : Large capacity interconnector between the Netherlands and Denmark. Investment in innovative designs for direct connection of offshore wind farms and the modular start of the North Sea Grid.

TenneT TSO B.V. (NL), (DK)


HVDC hub : Addition of an intermediate offshore platform on the planned HVDC link (between Shetland and Scottish mainland) for connecting offshore wind and marine generation

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Ltd. (UK)


BARD 1 : Production of innovative Tripile foundation system and production and installation of innovative Cable in-feed system for a 400 MW offshore wind farm

Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co KG (DE)


Global Tech I - Gravity Foundations : Gravity foundations for deep water wind farms using efficient serial manufacturing and fast installation processes.

Wetfeet Offshore Wind Energy GmbH (DE), Strabag Offshore Wind GmbH (DE)


Nordsee Ost : Installation of 6MW wind turbine generators (jacket foundation structures) in challenging offshore circumstances, including innovative logistics and installation concept

Essent Wind Nordsee Ost Planungs - und Betriebsgesellschaft GmbH (DE)


Borkum West II Installation of innovative 5MW wind turbine generators on tripod foundations

Trianel Windkraftwerk Borkum GmbH & Co. KG (DE)


Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm - Wind deployment centre : Development of a facility for testing of mutli MW turbines with innovative structures and substructures and optimisation of manufacturing capacities of offshore wind energy production equipment

Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited (UK)


Thornton Bank - Optimised logistics for upscaling the far-shore deep-water Thornton Bank wind farm and demonstration of innovative substructures (jacket foundations) for deep water off shore parks.

C-Power (BE)


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