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L'Aquila, 10 July 2009

G8 - President Barroso on the results of the L’Aquila summit

We have made some serious progress here in Aquila, giving fresh momentum to global efforts to tackle the biggest planetary challenges of our time. L’Aquila has shown that we are collectively committed to sustainability, development and growth, whether in food security, climate change or trade and the world economy.

I am happy to see that the key benchmarks that I set for success at the beginning of our summit have been met.

Food security:

We cannot and we will not accept that 15% of the world’s population lives in hunger. Today we agreed on a new Food Security Initiative, which will support rural development in poor countries. The EU will be contributing with around 3 billion euro within this Initiative. At the same time, the EU is continuing to implement the 1 billion facility I announced in Toyako, Japan last year and which is already now reaching 35 developing countries.

Climate change:

We have set in stone a commitment to cap the temperature increase at 2 degrees Celsius to respect climate science. This represents a significant step forward to reach a global deal in Copenhagen. There is still a lot of more work to do, but we now are much more clearer about what has to be done, including on financing where the EU has reiterated that we are ready to play our full part and will soon present concrete proposals.

Trade and the World Economy

Trade and Development are crucial to inject new growth into the world economy. Therefore, I am pleased we have agreed to conclude the Doha Round in 2010. For our collective credibility and that of the multilateral system, we now have to deliver. We also reached consensus on the global crisis response here in l’Aquila. This will require that we keep driving the global recovery effort and address the social impact of the crisis. We also must prepare the right exit strategy from the crisis and get ready for a new era of green growth.

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