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Brussels, 24 September 2007

Operational programme Ireland-Wales for 2007-2013

1. Cross-border cooperation programme "Ireland-Wales" (between Ireland and the United Kingdom) under the European territorial cooperation objective, co-financed by the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

[ Figures and graphics available in PDF and WORD PROCESSED ]

2. The European Commission approved a cross-border cooperation programme between Ireland and the United Kingdom for the period 2007-2013 on 17/09/2007. This programme involves Community support for the regions of Dublin, Mid-East and South-East in Ireland and the regions of Isle of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy and Denbighshire as well as South West Wales in the United Kingdom.

The regions of South-West in Ireland and Swansea and Flintshire and Wrexham in Wales can take part in the projects as adjacent areas and may receive a maximum of 10 % of the ERDF funding allocated to the programme.

The total budget of the programme is around EUR 70 million. Community investment from the ERDF amounts to EUR 53 million.

3. Purpose of EU investment

Through an integrated approach to economic, environmental, social and technological issues, the programme seeks to develop the cross border region and

  • contribute to improving its competitiveness and sustainable development;
  • improve its overall economic, environmental and social well-being;
  • achieve more cohesive, balanced, sustainable development of the area, enhancing overall competitiveness in a globalised world.

The programme strategy will address identified needs and the common challenges of this cross-border region with a maritime border. Issues such as sustainable development, environmental protection, climate change and research and development require a coordinated response and can be more successfully addressed through intervention on a cross-border basis than at national level.

4. Expected impact The adopted programme is the third in a consecutive series of cross-border cooperation programmes between Ireland and Wales. The intention is to further develop links created in previous programming periods. . The programme will build on best practice and joint activity which has been successful in the past, but also seek to provide further added value in new areas as set out in the programme strategy and priorities.

A series of indicators, applicable to each of the programme priorities, will enable the evaluation of the output and results of the programme.

5. Priority axes

Priority 1: Knowledge, Innovation and Skills for Growth

Development of the knowledge, R&D/innovation and entrepreneurial base of the region's economy and enhancement of the region's capacity by providing targeted interventions to develop the skills and abilities of the population and the workforce. This is intended to boost job creation and foster competitiveness.

The priority is divided into two separate but related themes:

  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Skills for competitiveness and employment integration

Priority 2: Climate Change and Sustainable Regeneration

Managing physical and natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner and providing opportunities for those living in the region to renew and sustainably regenerate their communities.

The priority is divided into two separate but related themes:

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Regeneration of Communities

Priority 3: Technical Assistance

Support for the management, evaluation and monitoring of the programme.

6. Managing authority, contact details

Managing Authority:

Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly, Waterford, Ireland
Web address:

Joint Technical Secretariat:

Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly, Waterford, Ireland

Contact: Mr Simon Baily


7. Title: "Ireland-Wales", cross-border programme under the European Territorial Cooperation objective 2007-2013

Intervention type: Operational Programme
CCI No.: 2007CB163PO062
No. of decision: C(2007)4231
Final approval date: 17/09/2007

8. Breakdown of finances by priority axis (EUR)

Priority axis
ERDF contribution
National public contribution
Knowledge, Innovation and Skills for Growth
29 720 147
9 906 716
39 626 863
Climate Change and Sustainable Regeneration
19 813 431
6 604 477
26 417 908
Technical Assistance
3 161 717
1 053 906
4 215 623
52 695 295
17 565 099
70 260 394

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