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Brussels, 25th October

First assessment of Community Lisbon Programme

This memo provides a first assessment of the progress made in the implementation of the Community Lisbon Programme. The Commission has adopted a staff working paper entitled “Community Lisbon Programme: Technical Implementation Report 2006 on 18 October 2006". This paper provides a systematic assessment of the state of the implementation of the Community Lisbon Programme.


The European Council of March 2005 re-launched the Lisbon Strategy by focusing on jobs and growth in Europe. The re-launch entailed a new governance architecture for the European economic reform process clarifying the division of responsibility for implementing individual actions of the revised Strategy between the national (Member States) and the Community level. While Member States have outlined their economic reform efforts in national reform programmes (NRPs) drawn up and presented to the Commission in autumn 2005, the Community Lisbon Programme adopted in July 2005 covers policy actions at Community level (see IP/05/973). The policy actions contained in the CLP cover areas where purely national action is insufficient because important cross-border externalities or economies of scale are concerned. The 102 EU actions comprise 34 regulatory acts, 15 financing action and 53 strategic policy documents.

The Commission is currently assessing the Member States' reports on progress in implementing and reinforcing the National Reform Programmes – 21 Member States have so far sent their reports to the Commission and the rest are expected shortly. These reports are key documents explaining how economic reform is progressing at national level and how governments intend to take it forward in the future. In the light of the national reports, the Commission will complete its next Annual Progress Report on the Growth and Jobs Strategy, which will be published and submitted to the European Parliament and the Council on 12 December. It will answer two simple questions. To what extent have the EU and individual Member States made progress towards meeting the goals they set themselves last year, in line with the Integrated Guidelines for Growth and Jobs (see IP/05/903)? What have Member States done to improve National Reform Programmes, including to respond to weaknesses identified by the Commission and to meet the commitments made by EU leaders at the Spring European Council in March 2006? Those commitments cover four priority action areas: knowledge, in particular innovation; making life easier for businesses, especially SMEs; getting people into jobs; and energy.
Figure 1 Overview of Community Lisbon Programme policy actions

[ Figures and graphics available in PDF and WORD PROCESSED ]

Figure 2

The 18 CLP legislative actions in inter-institutional decision-making (key legislative actions in bold)

Legislative Actions
State of Play
1. Community Patent Regulation and implementation measures (RA 01) ([1])
-Consultation procedure
-Proposal made on 1 August 2000
-EP has given its opinion for the first reading on 10 April 2002
-No real progress in the Council since March 2004
-Renewed efforts
-The Commission will try to re-launch the process after a comprehensive consultation with stakeholders. A Communication and an action plan are envisaged by the end of the year
2. Audiovisual media services directive (RA 03)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 15 December 2005
-EP will prepare its opinion for the 1st reading in mid December 2006
-Common position in the Council is envisaged under Germany presidency
-On track
-1st reading agreement between Council and Parliament is not likely since many sensitive issues are at stake for Member States.
3. Directive on Services (RA 05)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 13 January 2004
-2nd reading of EP (vote in November 2006)
-Adoption expected by the end of 2006
4. Directive on payment services (RA 07)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 1 December 2005
-EP opinion in 1st reading scheduled for November 2006
-Political agreement in ECOFIN envisaged for 28 November
-Adoption after first reading agreement still possible this year
-Negotiations for a possible 1st reading agreement started on 2 October
-If no agreement in the 1st reading, then conclusion and adoption under German Presidency possible.

5. International co-operation within 3rd maritime safety package (7 legislative proposals) (RA 18)
-Co-decision procedure
-The 7 proposals made on 23 November 2005.
-EP opinion in 1st reading scheduled for March/April 2007
-On one proposal (COM (2005)589), there is already a general orientation, on another proposal (COM (2005)588) a general approach is envisaged for the December Council. On the other 5 proposals the Council has not really started to work yet
-Progress rather slow
-Adoption could still take some time.
-Some proposals are more advanced than others.
6. Proposal to simplify the current VAT compliance obligations (RA 21)
-Consultation procedure
-Proposal made on 29 October 2004
-EP has given its opinion on 1 December 2005
-Quick adoption still feasible
-Quick adoption has been complicated because the proposal has become part of a “VAT Package” to be discussed in ECOFIN on 28 November 2006
7. eCustoms: Modernised Community Customs Code (RA 22)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 30 November 2005
-EP opinion in 1st reading scheduled for December 2006
-General approach envisaged for Competitiveness Council in December
-On track
8. 3rd railway package (RA 24)
-Co-decision procedure
-The four proposals made on 3 March 2004
-EP opinion in 2nd reading scheduled for December 2006
- Burdensome final adoption process ongoing
-Conciliation process very likely and probably under German Presidency in 1st semester of 2007. This is also the envisaged adoption date.
9. Legislation on portability of supplementary pension rights (RA 27)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 20 October 2005
-Opinion of EP in 1st reading scheduled for early 2007
-Finnish Presidency will hold a debate at EPSCO Council on 1 December
-Progress rather slow
-Proposal to be discussed in the EP and the Council.
-Political agreement in the Council possible under German Presidency in which case the file can be concluded at the earliest under Portuguese Presidency (2nd half 2007).
10. 7th Framework programme (2007 to 2013) (FA 04)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 6 April 2005
-7th Framework Programme (COD): EP opinion for the 2nd reading planned for the EP plenary in November
-Specific Programmes (CNS): On the EP-Plenary for November
-Adoption expected by the end of 2006
-The entire package should be agreed and adopted by the end of 2006 to ensure a timely launch of FP 7 in January 2007.
11. Framework programme for competitiveness and innovation (2007-2013) (FA 05)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 6 April 2005
-EP opinion in 1st reading on 1 June 2006
-Political process is finalised, adoption after 1st reading agreement
-Adoption expected by October 2006
-Programme should be officially adopted by Council on 12 October 2006
12. SESAR (previously SESAME) (FA 09)
-Consultation procedure
-Proposal made on 25 November 2005
-General orientation in Council in June 2006
-EP opinion in 1st reading scheduled for November/December 2006
-Adoption expected by the end of 2006

13. Trans-European transport networks including Quick Start Programme for transport (FA 10)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal on TEN financial regulation made on 14 July 2004.
-EP opinion in 1st reading on 26 October 2005
-Amended proposal adopted on 24 May 2006
-Political agreement in the Council envisaged for November 2006
-Slow process but adoption is approaching
-Attempts made to reach negotiated common position in which case the 2nd reading is likely to be formality without changes of the negotiated common position
14. Trans-European Networks for Energy including Quick Start Programme for Energy (FA 11)
-Co-decision procedure
-idem as for legislative action 13
15. Marco Polo Programme (I and II) (FA 12)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 14 July 2004
-EP 1st reading on 17 May 2006
-Political process has been finalised on the basis of a first reading agreement
-Final adoption by the Council in October 2006
-Adoption after first reading agreement expected by October 2006
16. Integrated Lifelong learning programme (FA 13)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 14 July 2004
-EP opinion in 2nd reading (EP vote in October 2006)
-Adoption expected by the end of 2006
-Common Position of Council is negotiated so that the 2nd reading should be a formality without any changes of the Common Position
17. Institute for gender equality (FA 14)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 8 March 2005
-EP opinion in 2nd reading with vote planned for December 2006
-Adoption expected by the end of 2006
-Agreement possible in the 2nd reading
18. Proposal establishing a Community Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity – Progress (FA 15)
-Co-decision procedure
-Proposal made on 14 July 2004
-EP opinion in 2nd reading. EP vote took place in September 2006
-Adoption expected by November 2006
-Agreement achieved between EP and Council in the 2nd reading

Figure 3

The 7 CLP legislative actions with proposal still to be adopted (key actions in bold)

Policy Action
Regulatory/ Financing Action
Planned adoption date
Review of regulatory framework for electronic communications (RA02)
First quarter 2007
Framework Directive on clearing and settlement of securities actions (RA08)
In place of legislative action, the objective is to have a code of conduct endorsed at the end of October 2006
Proposal on the Common Consolidated Tax Base (RA09)
Fourth Quarter 2008
Extension of Directive 98/34 to services (RA12)
Timing of adoption depends on final adoption of the Services Directive
Transfer of companies’ registered seat (14th Company Law Directive) (RA20)
A policy statement at the end of November should shed light on the state of play regarding a potential proposal for a directive
Revision of the new approach to technical harmonisation and standards/ Global approach to conformity assessment (RA23)
Fourth Quarter 2006
Legislative proposals, if necessary, for each joint technology initiative (FA08)
2007 and 2008

[1] This will be reviewed and updated in the light of the Communication on Innovation of 13 September 2006, the resolution of the European Parliament and the discussion of the Heads of States and governments in Lahti.

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